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IMS Policy

SCB’s IMS Policy on  quality, environmental, safety and health is reflecting the commitment to quality services, continual improvement, on-going assessment of risk, prevention of ill health & injury and pollution. It also shows our commitment to comply with relevant legislation and regulations and other applicable requirements.

The Policy is published to all personnel, along with valuable customers and suppliers, as appropriate.



Safety, Health & Security Policy

SCB  has  &  will  contribute  to  the  construction  industry  both  locally  and  overseas.  Our
company  endeavours  to  provide  injury  free  and  secure  workplaces,  as  well  as  total
healthcare for all employees, as they are our most valuable assets.



Environment, Green & Gracious Policy

SCB will make every effort to be an environmental friendly company leading the 21st century
construction  industry.  We  committed  to  implement  environment,  green  and  gracious
practices in our operations



Stop Work Policy

SCB  Group  places  the  greatest  importance  on  the  safety  &  health  of  its  employees  &
partners as well as preserving the natural environment.



QESH Objectives

SCB Group's goal and target on QESH Objectives



P088 Objectives

SCB  Group's QESH Objectives for Project P088 - Tuas Depot.



WSH Performance for year 2017

SCB  Group's WSH Performance for year 2017.



Safety Newsletter First Edition, Dec 2017



Safety Newsletter Second Edition, March 2018


Safety Week 2010

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Safety Week 2011

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Safety Week 2012

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Safety Week 2013

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Safety Week 2014

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